JKNHM Latest Notifications Recruitment

 JKNHM Latest Notifications / Recruitment

JKNHM Latest Notifications Recruitment
JKNHM Latest Notifications Recruitment

JKNHM Latest Notifications / Recruitment 2023.

Note :-  Here You Will Find All The Latest JKNHM Notifications And JKNHM Recruitment Notices.These Are Updated Regularly.Do Check Daily To Be Notified.Thank You…!

More About JKNHM

1.What Is JKNHM ?

JKNHM Is A Digital Healthcare Platform Service Provider For Patients With Access To Medical Services Through Technology.This Platform Provides Telemedicine,Electronic Health Records (EHrs),Patient Engagement Tools,Remote Patient Monitoring.Here You Will Find All JKNHM Latest Notifications Related Tenders,Projects,New Technology.
2.Who Can Avail Benefit From JKNHM ?

Patients Can Avail Benefits From JKNHM By Accessing Healthcare Services From The Comfort Of Their Homes.Eliminating The Need For Travel And Wait Times.Healthcare Professionals Can Avail Benefit From JKNHM By Providing Medical Services Online And Increasing Their Efficiency . Hospitals And Healthcare Organizations Can Avail Benefits From JKNHM By Reducing Healthcare Costs And Improving Patient Outcomes.All JKNHM Latest Notifications Of New Public Benefit Schemes Will Be Posted Here.
3.Benefits / Features Of JKNHM ?

JKNHM Provides A Number Of Online Services That Enable Patients To Access Healthcare Services. Telemedicine Allows Patients To Connect With Healthcare Professionals Through Video Conferencing. Electronic Health Records (EHrs) Provide A Digital Record Of A Patient’s Medical History,Test Results And Medications.Patient Engagement Tools Allow Patients To Access Educational Resources,Schedule Appointments And Communicate With Healthcare Professionals.Remote Patient Monitoring Enables Healthcare Professionals To Monitor Patients Health Status Remotely.Do Visit This Page Daily To Check All JKNHM Latest Notification 2023. 
4. JKNHM Bridge Course ?

JKNHM Bridge Course Or Bridge Programme Certificate Course Is A 6 Months Certificate Course In  The Community Health Under JKNHM For Many Graduates -Ayurvedic/ Unani/GNM/ BSc Nursing Candidates To Equip Them With Competenciesc/ Skills For Providing Comprehensive Primary Healthcare At Identified Public Health Institutions i.e. Upgraded Sub-Centres as Health & Wellness Centres.Here You Will Find All JKNHM Latest Notification Related Jknhm Bridge Course 2023.
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Jknhm Recruitment 2023 ?

Here We Post All The Latest Jknhm Recruitment Notification With The Latest Jknhm Salary Of That Post.You Can Check Below In The FAQ’s Section What Was The Jknhm Salary Increment 2022.

FAQ’s About JKNHM.

What Is The Full Form Of JKNHM ?

JKNHM Stands For Jammu & Kashmir National Health Mission.

Who Is The Director Of JKNHM Kashmir ?

Ms. Ayushi Sudan Is The Current Director Of JKNHM Kashmir.

What Is The Salary Of Community Health Officer In Jammu And Kashmir ?

Average Salary For A Community Health Officer In Jammu And Kashmir Is 4.2 Lakhs Per Year Or 35000 Thousand Per Month.

What Is The Salary Increment For JKNHM In 2022-2023 In Jammu And Kashmir ?

Remarks JKNHM Administrative Approval For FY 2022-23 & FY 2023-24 J&K Remuneration Of Existing Posts As A Lumpsum Has Been Calculated Based On The Salary Approved In FY 2021-22, 5% Annual Increment And 3% Rationalization Amount (If Any) For 12 Months.

What Is The Salary Of JKNHM Staff Nurse In Jammu And Kashmir ?

Staff Nurse Salary In Jammu And Kashmir Ranges Between (0.15 Lakhs Upto 4.3 Lakhs) With An Average Annual Salary Of (1.8 Lakhs).

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